As the Cin-Obs who've been following us know, we've been bulking up our site for a few months now. We aren't just crazy people who post all day long... oh no... (well kinda). This had a purpose! Now that our segments are heavy with material, we're gonna explain what CinemaObsessed.com is all about!

If you've never been here before (wtf is wrong with you?) then you need to know a few things.

This is a place for movie buffs. A Haven. A Sanctuary. A place of tranquility and unity for the truly cinema obsessed individuals out there. Come on.. you know you're one of us... and if you ain't, you DEFINITELY know someone like us. We are the people who are constantly quoting movies... we find reasons to reference movies all day long... we are the ones rummaging through the $5 DVD bin at Wal-Mart and finding at least 6 titles to buy. We are the ones who are known by name at the local video store. We have membership cards EVERYWHERE! We still go to the drive-in every weekend in the summer! For us, a good movie is a religious experience. Hell, even a BAD movie is a religious experience.

We don't see a movie once. We don't see a movie twice. We are RE-WATCHERS. Over and over and over to the point where we might need therapy. To the point where our signigicant others wonder about our mental stability and continue to cry out "If you put The Adventures of Pluto Nash into the DVD player one more time, I SWEAR I'm leaving you." *A staredown ensues, and the DVD slides silently into the player.* "DAMN YOU!!!"

We don't forget movies, and we obsess over them. For us, movies evoke emotions, memories, and all that warm fuzzy stuff. Come on... have you ever watched a movie you once saw as a child and got that strange shiver down your spine and your brain felt like it might implode for a second? THAT'S the feeling.

For us here at CinemaObsessed.com, movies are the ultimate art-form. Period.

Here's what you'll get by visiting the site:

Memorable Monologue:

Great moments where a character has somethin' to say, a prolonged thought, a speech, more than three lines long. You might find voiceovers, narration, inner thoughts, announcements, etc. If it's memorable, we wanna show it to you.

Delightful Dialogue:

At least two characters speaking back and forth. Could have a hilarious punchline, could be a deep dramatic moment, an argument, perhaps romantic, or it might just make you go "huh?" If the reparté captured our attention, we're gonna give it to ya, and give it goooood.

Quotable Quote:

I think you're getting the point by now. Quotable Quotes are those one to two liners that make us go HAAA!!! Or perhaps shed a tear, etc etc. If a character says something original, witty, thought provoking, and it sticks with us for whatever reason, guess what? You're getting a taste of it. Then your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to say it at some point in your day... share it with someone else.

Scintillating Scene:

Any scene worth showcasing. Either the acting is really great, the scene is hilarious, maybe the costumes are amazing, perhaps some amazing physical comedy, maybe someone sings a song? You get the idea. If it was visually appealing, we're into it.

Dazzling Dance:
And a one two.. a one two three four! This one's obvious. If someone's shaking their booty, their moneymaker or what have you... we enjoy it thoroughly. Sometimes it's a full out choreographed number. Sometimes it's just one person letting loose. Sometimes it takes two to tango. If a person/people are getting jiggy, it's ooonnn....

Delicious Dinners features those memorable dinner scenes, sometimes a home-cooked meal, sometimes a restaurant scene, but if they're eating (and it's interesting in some way) we're servin' it up hot.

Campfire Classics shows you those great moments around the fire. Maybe a scary story? Possibly some smores? There are more campfire moments out there than you think, and we're gonna remind you of all of them!

Charismatic Characters is a segment devoted to a character that isn't just some regular joe. It's for those times when an actor puts on wig, maybe false teeth, uses a strange accent, walks in a funny way, and creates an entirely new person. Sometimes it's blatantly obvious and totally physical, other times it's more subdued and serious.

Terrific Training will teach you how to spot those great training moments... obstacle courses, workouts, mentor and student, someone's learning something and becoming something new. It's the eye of the tiger, yo. Blood, sweat, tears, and sometimes a few giggles.

Mad Makeovers show you something transforming! Sometimes a person, sometimes a room, you never know what you're gonna get! (hey, that's a quotable quote right there). From bad to good, or good to bad, watch out for these transformations!

Magical Montages are just that. Do you need more of a description than that? Montages which are magical and amazing in nature. Clips jumbled together to show you time passing and a situation progessing. If you don't know what a montage is, get the hell outta here. Just kidding don't go. No please... really... don't goooooooo!

Classic Reviews are when we just feel the need to share our thoughts on a favourite. What made it good, what made it memorable, and our experience watching it. We're always hoping to inspire Cin-Obs to watch something they might not have given a chance.

Sublime Soundtracks is an opporunity for us to point out those brilliant songs and scores that give the movie it's own personality. We're known for lolling in fuv (say it out loud) with ORIGINAL soundtracks, movies that have songs made just for them, but we've also been known to throw in a great soundtrack that uses just the right classic tunes to give it that je ne sais quoi. Yeah that's right... we're french. Deal with it. Chantale et Angélique... pour vos besoins des films.

Brilliant Bloopers and Exquisite Extras are when we showcase those little moments that aren't actually IN the movie. We're special feature junkies, and sometimes the best material gets left out! And who doesn't love a good "making of" featurette? We do! WE DO!

So do you get the gist of what we're up to here? We know you have many options for movie websites, but keep this in mind - not many sites are doing throwbacks to the goldie oldies, those cult favourites, those childhood memory-sparkers... Old and new, we're talking about everything! You can check out the ol' IMDB... if you're into facts, figures, dates, lists, and a dry, boring database. But come to CinemaObsessed.com if you want the FUN database that brings you upcoming movies, as well as blasts from the past. Come here for the flava, the opinions, the jokey jokes, and the ridiculous commentary.

We're not movie snobs either, who pretend only to like Oscar winners or deep, soul-touching stories. We like it all, silly, campy, fun, cheesey, musical, you name it!

The list of segments goes on and on... and there's MANY more to come! We'll be constantly updating here when new segments are added. And remember, you can expect bazillions of posts from us a day... ok I'm exaggerating, but lots and lots... at least 7 a day! Sometimes more if we're feeling frisky! So check often and remember, there ain't tons of heavy reading and giant blocks of text (like this particular post) but it's more short little quips and intros to funny clips.

And PULEEAAASSE get your comments in! We want 'em! Bad! Like crack! Ok we don't do crack but you get the idea. We wanna know every little thought in your brillz Cin-Ob minds. Did you like the movie in question? Hated it? Wished there was a sequel? Saw it 14 times in theatres? Lost your virginity to this movie? We wanna know!

Now get crackin', and start browsing through the segments! There's something for everyone, and if there isn't, let us know!



jervaise brooke hamster said...

Is there a section thats specifically devoted to Heather O`Rourke?.

Kweeny Todd said...

Omg! Ottawa represent! I'm in/from Ottawa, and finding another canuck blog is one thing, but finding one with Ottawa ties is completely another! Woo hoo!

Angie said...

Ottawa, WHAT WHAT!!! HOLLA! Glad you found us Kweeny!!

Nicki W said...

Hey! I think I'm slightly cinema obsessed, so this is the perfect place for me to be!

I've just set up my own blog Green Screen. It would be great if you could check it out here... http://nickiw-greenscreen.blogspot.com/

Thanks! Nicki

Nicki W said...

Hey! I think I'm cinema obsessed! :)

I've just set up my own blog Green Screen. If you want, take a look here http://nickiw-greenscreen.blogspot.com/

Thanks! Nicki