Wednesday, August 26, 2009 is featured in the East Ottawa Star!

Click here to check out the new article about everyone's favie Cin-Obs in the East Ottawa Star!

A big thanks to Laura for coming out, to witness for herself, the bohemoth wall of movies that has made us who we are!


JRL said...

Good job. Proud of you guys!
Also, LOVE the 'Guys and Dolls' Shout out! What What! lol
Overall a pretty positive article; I think anyone reading it will be intrigued enough to take a look at the site (Except old people, they still don't use computers, but soon!) I think this is just one more step in the right direction for you two.

PS. Totally Evil Angie!

Lisa said...

CONGRATS GIRLS!!!! when I flipped it over and saw your pic on the front page I freaked I litterally yelled!! you girls deserve it!!