Monday, September 21, 2009

A Little Monday Review!

So, we hit up the drive-in again this weekend to take in some recent cinema yumminess. And boy was it delectable.

Firstly we saw The Ugly Truth. Now, we've decided to give Katherine Heigl a break from all the peeps that hate her guts because of her real-life bad attitude. We actually like her! She's a great comedienne who's not afraid to be wacky to get the laugh, and she proved it in The Ugly Truth.

We were laughing out loud MANY times, and oohing and awwing at the love story. We often found ourselves saying "It's so true!" because the movie really does give you the down and dirty truth about love and relationships. In a hilarious way.

Gerard Butler, although slightly ugly in our eyes, was still very sexy as the arsehole who tells it like it is, even when it hurts.

Great chick flick, great comedy, and definitely worth seeing... even for men... because they could learn a little somethin' somethin'...

Secondly, we saw Peter Jackson's District 9.... and whhoooaaaa.... we were NOT expecting what we got. We were absolutely blown away by the originality of the story more than anything. Yes the effects were amazing, yes it obviously cost a crapload of money to make it, but that's not what impressed us.

The horrible treatment of the aliens, or prawns as they're called as a racial slur, almost had us in tears. The movie was a real eye-opener for the human race. Because what goes down in the film is probably how it would go down in the real world.

We loved how the film started off documentary-style, but it sort of slipped away seamlessly, going into a regularly delivered narrative, following main character Wikas Van De Merwe.

This is where we saw Peter Jackson's true brilliance.... casting a relatively (or completely) unknown actor was a great choice. The movie began to follow Van De Merwe and we didn't quite realize the whole movie would be about him, because we didn't really recognize him as a big name star. Suddenly we found ourselves enthralled in his story and saying "Oh geez, I guess HE'S our hero." It was unlikely, unpredictable, and utterly amazing.

Another character must be mentioned, and that is Christopher Anderson. Another unlikely hero that you found yourself wanting to hug, squeeze, help out, or just talk to... even though he was an ugly, insectoid alien. He was charming and wonderful, without uttering a single word in English. Brillz.

We gained SOOO much respect for Sharlto Copley and we're totally routing for him for awards, recognition, and more roles. With a performance like that, it's a given. He's the next big thing, yo. Fo sho. Deal with it. We even learned that he improvised all of his dialogue during the eviction scenes. Whoa.
We sat forward in our car-seats, we were shouting at the screen, having howling reactions of all types, and being extremely tense as we were caught up in the plight of our heroes.

Don't let this film leave theatres before you see it. For maximum enjoyment, see on the big screen. Immediately.

Bravo, Peter Jackson, Bravo. *Angie and Chantale start a slow applause.*

PS - Totally left open for a sequel and we're dyyyiiing to see it.

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