Monday, September 21, 2009


Ahhhh good times... we've reached the 1000th post! Thank you to all you Cin-obs who are following the site! Here's to 1000 more! Hip Hip Hooray! Ok that was corny.

Things have been happening very quickly for us, what with being on the radio, our mention in the Ottawa Citizen, and our FEATURE STORY (BOOYEAH!) in the Orleans Star (front page, what what! HOLLA!)

Ahem, sorry. Got carried away.

We've had an amazing time bringing you movie-goodness day in and day out, and we're thrilled to have found all you Cin-Obs to share in our obsession. We always knew we weren't alone!

Coming soon... a new look for the site, a store for Cin-Ob merchandise, and a few more surprises! So stay tuned and tell a film-frenzied-friend about, a place to get their movie-buff fix.

Thanks yo!


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Congratulations ladies! Keep up the awesome work!