Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sublime Soundtrack: A Mighty Wind

If you have ever doubted the genius that is Christopher Guest, check out A Mighty Wind (2003).

This film, while hilaarrriiious, has one of the best original soundtracks we've heard in years! The film is another one of Guest's brilliant mockumentaries. When a folk-music producer dies, his most famous acts come together in a reunion/tribute concert.

The songs are all original to the movie, and performed and sung by the actors themselves. It's amazing to watch all these actors playing these instruments, which you know they could already play. The skill level is WAY to high for them to have learned just for the film

Check out the fictional trio, The Folksmen, performing their big hit back in the day, Eat at Joe's.

One of the songs, sung by Mitch & Mickey (Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara) was nominated for Best Song at the 76th Academy Awards. Here they are performing, in character, at the ceremony.

A Mighty Wind will have you howling with laughter, as well as tapping your toes and singing these silly, amazing songs later in the day.

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