Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sublime Soundtrack: This is Spinal Tap

It's impossible to sum up the genius that is Christopher Guest. But we'll try.

Here's what happens when we sit down to watch the 'Best from Guest'. (a.k.a. any of his films)...

Angie: Did you put the movie in?
Chantale: Nope...
Angie: Why do I always have to put the movie in?
Chantale: Where's the remote?

* Irrelevant, but these are all part of the events leading up to the experience *

Movie begins...

Angie and Chantale: [together] Indecipherable repetitions of hilarious lines mixed with silent laughter and coughing fits.

The year - 1984. The band - Spinal Tap.

Marty DiBergi (played by Rob Reiner) is a filmmaker who sets out on a new project: A 'rockumentary' following the heavy metal band Spinal Tap on their U.S. tour.

The entire film, like all of Guest's endeavors, is improv. There is something so special about watching actors perform lines they don't even know they're about to deliver!

Another beautiful element added into the film is that we get to see the evolution of the band... from an innocent Beatle-esque 60s band in black and white ("Gimme Some Money"), to a flower power psychadelic group in the 70s ("Listen to the Flower People"), to the raunch-filled 80s hairband with tunes like "Nice 'n' Stinky."

The songs (all original, of course) are phenomenal. They capture the hair-band era perfectly! We found ourselves singing along throughout to tunes like 'Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight' and the toe-tapping 'Big Bottom'. Check out some of the sweeeet lyrics:

The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin'
That's what I said
The looser the waistband, the deeper the quicksand
Or so I have read

I met her on Monday, 'twas my lucky bun day
You know what I mean
I love her each weekday, each velvety cheek day
You know what I mean

If you enjoy a great comedy with an amazing soundtrack, watch This is Spinal Tap. You won't regret it!

We'll leave you with a taste of 'Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight'...

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