Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tempting Trailer: The Blob

Run! Don't Walk! From... THE BLOB!!!


JRL said...

"Gee Wilikers Bobby! Did you see that comet hit the earth?"
"Yes i Did Judy. We should go investigate"
"But Bobby, i don't want this to spoil us holding hands"
"It's okay Judy, I'm a scientist!"

-That's how interpret all 1950 Sci-Fi movies.
And if the Blob crawls, why exactly is running so important? And who honestly walks away from danger?

You know, i think this particular movie is set for a re-make!

Angie said...

Oh God, you're probably right! I scoff, but we both know I would see the movie... and probably love it.

I bet Nicolas Cage would star as the scientist.

JRL said...


Now you're thinking. Call Hollywood, we have a blockbuster on our hands! Oh and call Nick, tell him to put on his lab coat and his game face, it's scientist time!