Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vibes: A Classic Review

Yes, we know. Another 80s film. Sorry.

But ya gotta admit... what a great decade for film. It may have been ridiculous in other ways, but for movies... perrrrfection.

Vibes (1988) stars Jeff Goldblum and Cyndi Lauper as two people with extraordinary supernatural/psychic gifts who are brought together to help a man named Harry (played by Peter Falk) who contracts them to help find his son who is lost in Peru... or at least he CLAIMS. Ooooohh mischevious old Columbo!

Anyways, Lauper plays the scantilly-clad flamboyant tart Sylvia, accented by Goldblum's anxiety-ridden, by-the-book museum curator Nick.

Bottom line is they get mixed up in some crazy, supernatural shenanigans, which prove to be great 80s fun.

The dialogue is silly and witty, and the movie is NOT meant to be taken all that seriously... just to entertain! AND BOY DOES IT! But good luck finding this treasure on DVD. It's very rare. Trust us... we dig through enough bins to know.

Check out the temptalicious trailer, below!

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