Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Winter Nights - A Short Film Review

Kevin Ling makes his directorial debut with the short film, Winter Nights.

The film follows a young girl as she kidnaps a Second World War veteran. The audience is taken along for the ride, and through a series of flashbacks we come to understand why a good person would do such a bad thing.

The plot was great and we really enjoyed it! We even got a little unexpected twist thrown in there! A relationship starts to build out of the chaos surrounding kidnapper and kidnapee (did we just make up a word?) and we were intrigued the whole time.

Ilana Guralnik was excellent as Megan Snow, the lovely and mysterious leading lady. She did a fabulous, believable portrayal of someone committing an act out of desperation. Without knowing her motives, we knew from the start this wasn't her idea. Girl definitely got some skillz! We also really liked Grandma Helen (Elaine Levin) and her emotional scenes.

"There are two flavours in love. Pain and pleasure. It's how we manage them that makes us grow."

There was lots of good dialogue here.

This film had a GREAT concept, and we only wished it would have gone on longer! But we'll definitely be waiting for the next project from Kevin and Think Massmedia Pictures.

Winter Nights has been submitted to various film festivals and is under consideration. Good luck guys!

Shout out to Kevin for giving us a sneak preview of Winter Nights!

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Anonymous said...

I saw Winter Nights and was bored to death. The dialogue to me, was contrived and not believable. The time period that the movie was supposed to be taking place in, was ridiculous out of touch - there was a prius car and this was supposed to be the 1980's and did women have hot air irons for their hair? IT was all a bit much and although there were a few moments of good characters, the movie made little sense to me in any historical sense of the ages of people and the lines that they used as they spoke. I think Kevin needs to get some help for his next movie and try to understand how people really talk in times of crisis or comedy.

Anonymous said...

Although I must agree that the dialogue had some problems, and was at times confusing and unrealistic with the time period, the actors really stood out. Particularly the leading lady and the grandpa really brought the characters to life and blew me away with their acting skills.