Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Creature From the Black Lagoon Remake!

Ooooh goody goody! This could be great, but we're definitely huge fans of sticking with the cheesey 1954 style of the first one. If the filmmakers try to give the audience serious logical explanations for the existence of the amphibious monster (à la Godzilla 1998, which we loved anyway, PS) we'll be disappointed.

WE HEART CHEESE! They should almost incorporate some humour into it. Sorta like Lake Placid (1999), the way they made it scary to watch and really tense at times, but they acknowledged through comedy how silly and campy the whole thing was. We believe THIS is the direction the new Creature From The Black Lagoon film should take. (which is also what we're hoping for the new Piranha remake)

Interesting tidbit - Writer of the film, Gary Ross, is the son of Arthur A. Ross who wrote the original 1954 movie. (IMDB)

No actors are attached to the script yet, but Breck Eisner (direcor of Sahara, 2005) will be directing. Hopefully they make this movie fun, and don't ACTUALLY try to scare us. Pay hommage to the original, guys!

You just KNOW the costume/makeup for the creature will be amazing. But the question remains... who should play the creature???

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JRL said...

As long as the costume stays exactly the same... i'm in for this movie!