Monday, October 19, 2009

Memorable Monologue: Team America: World Police

"I'm so Ronery / So ronery / So ronery and sadry arone / There's no one / Just me onry / Sitting on my rittle throne / I work rearry hard and make up gret prans / but, nobody listens, no one understands / Seems rike no one takes me serirousry / And so, I'm ronery / A rittle ronery / Poor rittle me / There's nobady I can rerate to / Feewr rike a biwd in a cage / It's kinda siwry / but, not reawry / because, it's fiwring my body with rage / I'm the smatest, most crever, most physicawry fit / but, nobody erse seems to rearrize it / When I change the worrd maybe they'rr notice me / And untiwr then, I'wr just be ronery / Yeaaaaah, a rittle ronery / Poor rittle me/ I'm so ronery..."

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JRL said...

"Surprise Cock Face!"

I absolutely love this movie! I think i lost the DVD though.. i don't know where it went. Boo!
marionette sex scene! LOL - also probably the best montage sequence of all time.