Monday, October 5, 2009

Sublime Soundtrack: Waiting For Guffman

To round out the Christopher Guest soundtracks, we bring you our all-time favaroo of his films... Waiting For Guffman (1996).

As you may have noticed, we don't always go for the obvious choices when it comes to Sublime Soundtracks. We're most interested in ORIGINAL songs, so if a film can pull it off with some humour added in, we're sold like gold!

Waiting For Guffman is yet another one of Guest's brilliant mockumentaries, following a group of talentless wannabes preparing for the town of Blaine's sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary celebration. An important note is that Blaine is one of the most boring towns in the United States, and Corkie St. Clair, the resident thespian, has convinced the town he's Hollywood material, when he's actually just a washed up nobody.

We get all the goodies - bad choreography, crap acting, cheap sets, and best of all - local actors who think they're headed to Broadway in one of the best shows of all time.

All this badness converts into comedy heaven, and a production so bad, it's good. Here we give you a few of the musical numbers that will get your toes a tappin'. Remember, when you find yourself scoffing and saying "this is horrible" take a step back and remember... it's supposed to be!

No musical is complete without the romantic, ballet-esque number. So watch Parker Posey and Guest shuffle their way through a cheesey scene as young lovers (with a 25 year age gap) in "A Penny For Your Thoughts." The untrained ballet sucks (in that good kinda way) and the song is adorable! Watch for audience reactions too. Priceless.

Here the production, entitled "Red, White, and Blaine," gives the audience a taste of one of the peak economic times for Blaine. Demand exploded for the town's stools, and low and behold... it started a STOOL BOOM! (Please tell me you get the subtle joke there.)

And last but certainly not least, we have his Holy Hilarity, Eugene Levy, as a martian! Did you know the town of Blaine was once visited by aliens? Yes, it's true! And here's how it went down!


Hipstercrite said...

OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! One of my all-time FAVES.
"A penny for your thoughts..."

Hipstercrite said...

park your jewels!

Angie said...

"A dime for your dreams! Would a shiny new penny, buy a peak at your schemes!"

LOL we looove that you love this one too!