Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tempting Trailer: Paranormal Activity

This movie has just come out and it's doing pretty well. It's the newest Blair Witch-esque style movie, and it looks creeptastic.

The trailer is very original, showing us audience reactions to some of the first screenings. We almost had to change our panties after watching this trailer.

*Angie calls Chantale into her bedroom... "Chanty... can you check under my bed? I'm scared."*


JRL said...

SWEET! My buddy told me about this movie, but when i tried to find it in theater's here it was only playing at the World Exchange. I was kinda hoping this would be out in more cinemas. Still a must see.

The Crap Blog Detective said...

This blog is a rehash of information taken from imdb.com.

There is nothing new or insightful here, although a review of a trailer for a film is a new twist.

Poor effort.

Angie said...

We don't claim the material is ours. It's a site for movie buffs to browse and enjoy the clips and stuff. If you'd looked past the first page you would've seen plenty of reviews and writing. And your site is so great? A whole site devoted to insulting people? Poor effort, CPD. Go troll elsewhere.

mysterg said...

Ignore CBD. He's not worth paying attention to.

This looks interesting...but more importantly any info on The Box with Richard Kelly?

Angie said...

Mysterg, the release is set for November 6, but I think that's US. I believe you're in the UK, correct? It might still be the same. We're jazzed for it. We wrote about it (trailer included) in case you missed it: