Sunday, November 8, 2009

Memorable Monologue: Deliver Us From Eva

"This is not about a book versus a football game fellas, oh no, this about men versus women. Women who aspire to culture, and men who aspire to scratch themselves. Women who bear the burdens in life and men who create those burdens. Women who uplift humanity, and men who uplift lap dances. If society was left to the whims of men we'd still be in caves carving pictures with our non-opposable thumbs. So today, gentlemen, is the day for civilized behavior. Today we women raise our voices against tyranny, crudeness and playoff games. And that is it gentlemen, end of story. THE FAT LADY SINGETH! Out of the room. By the way if any of that was lost upon you then I've just proven my point again."

~ Gabrielle Union as Eva Dandrige in Deliver Us From Eva (2003)

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