Thursday, November 26, 2009

Memorable Monologue: Tommy Boy

"You're drivin' along, la-de-da, woo. All of a sudden there's a truck tire in the middle of the road. And you hit the brakes. EEEEEEEEE! Whoa, that was close. Ha-ha. Now let's see what happens when you're driving with the 'other guy's' brake pads. You're drivin' along, you're drivin' along, the kids start shouting from the back seat, 'I gotta go to the bathroom, Daddy!' 'Not now, damn it!' Truck tire. EEEEEEEE! I CAN'T STOP! There's a cliff! AAAAAHH! And your family's screaming,
'Oh my God, we're burning alive!' 'No! I can't feel my legs!" Here comes the meat wagon. And the medic gets out and says, 'Oh my God'. New guy's around the corner puking his guts out. All because you want to save a couple extra pennies."

~ Chris Farley as Tommy Callahan in Tommy Boy (1995)

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