Friday, November 20, 2009

New gadget for Cin-Ob input!

Since comments are few and far between, we thought we'd add the cheapo blogger function of "Reactions." I'm sure most of you have seen this option and been like "no thanks, not for my blog, cuz I'm too cool and I don't care about people's reactions." Well we care. We care big time. *Sniffle*

Well guess what? We're not too cool either. Admittedly. So for the majority of our (current) 95 followers who aren't really droppin' the comments as often as we'd like (whhheeerrrrreee aarree yoou???), we've activated this function. (oooh 'activated' made it sound cool)

So now, at the bottom of each post, and with only ONE CLICK, you can express how you felt about a film. You likey this function? Please use it. I don't wanna beg but... come on... there's 95 of you! ...and only about 5 regular commenters! And since we're creepy as fuck, we check sitemeter all the time... so we know it's not just these 5 who are visiting! Y'all are coming from all over the place. Who are you? We wanna knoowww yyooouuu!!!

Don't get us wrong... we adore and cherish these regular commenters immensely, and pray to the giant shrine to them in our basement nightly, with candles and incense and rodent sacrifices, and the photos from their blogger profiles, while dancing wildly and chanting "ooooooooh bamalama shakalaka Cin-Obs! Mmmmm jiggy jiggy bam bam pow!"

Want to be a part of that? You can... just comment.

And just because I make the rules around here, damnit, here's me as the seductive Mia Wallace. They sure made a mistake in the casting. I can snort coke and do the twist like nobody's business.

PS - If you're good at Photoshop (cuz I only rock at Paint) please feel free to turn us into various movie characters. If you send us something cool, not only will your art make it as our new header, but we'll even do a special appearance at your next function for only half our usual appearance fee. WHAT A BARGAIN! Click here to contact our PR people for details.

PPS - Characters we want to be, should you feel generous enough to waste time doing something for us:

Leeloo Dallas, Diva Plavalaguna, pretty much anyone from The Fifth Element, hell I'd even be Zorg

Princess Leia


Hogwarts students


Dr. Frank n' Furter

PPPS - That list makes me question our sanity. Big time. But good choices, right? HIGH FIVE!

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Andrew Gerald Hales said...

I wanna go to Jack Rabbit Slims and get a 5 dollar milkshake.