Friday, November 13, 2009

A Tim Burton Showcase!

New York's Museum of Modern Art is hosting a Tim Burton showcase! All things Burton, including drawings, sculptures, paintings, storyboards, puppets, etc. Pretty much anything he's put his hands on!
Not only are they showing tons of his original work, they're showing tons of films that inspired the king of goth cinema! Love it!

If you know us at all, you know we're huge Tim Burton fans. We love anything he's involved with. If he made a claymation/stop-motion film about turds in the sewer, we'd watch it. He could partner up with Johnny Depp, Danny Elfman, and Helena Bonham Carter for a film about a bunch of weird gothic friends who do everything together, and we'd eat it up. Wait, it would just be a biography then, wouldn't it?

Check out the TV ad for the exhibition. It's got Burton written all over it. Gaawwdd we wish we lived in a cool city so we could obsess in true crazy person form by attending events like this and shreiking with glee through the halls of the museum and being asked to leave by security after taking too many photos and leaving candy wrappers everywhere.


Hipstercrite said...

I think they had this exhibit in Houston and I missed it! Danny Eflman rocks my world.

Angie said...

If I could have a soundtrack to my life it would be entirely composed by Danny Elfman.

mysterg said...

I would be very worried if the soundtrack of my life was by Danny Elfman...

MoMA - Yet another reason why I wish I lived in New York!