Friday, November 27, 2009

We're Sugar Dolls! Yummm!!!

WOW! A BIG thanks to Short Southern Momma for giving us this award! We shall display it proudly!

So this award comes with some rules... to state 15 things about yourself. Here goes:

1) We watch at least a movie a day (at least... this doesn't count the movie we put on in our bedrooms once we hunker down for the night in bed)

2) Our collection of DVDs grows, on average, by 5 movies a week

3) We play the game "What does this remind you of?" in which everyday objects, people, occurances, etc. spark a movie-memory for one of us, and the other has to guess what it is. As obscure as the references are, we usually get it right... then laugh hysterically.

4) We are buying a red carpet to flow down the stairs into our movie basement. So you can walk the red carpet on your way to your cinexperience. Ooh another trademark on THAT!

5) We love musicals, and drag queens

6) We love everything by the following directors/producers/creative minds: Kevin Smith, Christopher Guest, Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton, Mel Brooks, Judd Apatow, Adam Sandler

7) We've eaten popcorn as a meal... it can be done... if you add dill pickle spice

8) The local video store where we rent/buy has our caricature poster up. We're THAT loyal.

9) Our father has introduced us to some of our all-time favie films

10) We were on the radio! AND front page of the local newspaper for our work on the site! We're celebs, yo.

11) We still buy VHS if the price is right

12) We work separately on the site, then read each other's posts and laugh, then call each other and go "Hey, I read what you wrote about Bio-Dome... that was friggin hilarious. I salute you."

13) We like pretty much every movie we see. If it's good, we like it. If it's bad, sometimes that's even better. We have very unique movie-watching eyes. Sometimes the flops are the fun ones.

14) We contemplated trying out for So You Think You Can Dance just to go on stage, jiggle around a little, and scream out "CINEMAOBSESSED.COM!" and run away. Cuz we're promotion whores.

15) We are working on a screenplay... the likes of which you've never seen! MUA HA HA!

1 comment:

The Masked Critic said...

I wouldn't say no if you offered me a part in this movie of yours!

But then again, theres not too much that I would say no to if you asked me.