Tuesday, November 3, 2009


JRL, as the new Cin-Ob Supreme, chose a little differently for his post of choice. He wanted to choose the next WHO AM I segment.... so here we are folks... name this man and take the Cin-Ob Supreme crown away from JRL!

Angie: Do we even have a crown? Maybe we shouldn't make promises.

Chantale: Let's just go to Burger King and get some paper ones.

Angie: Mmmm whoppers... to the Cin-Ob-mobile!


mysterg said...

I am probably well off here but...is this Cary Grant?

JRL said...

So umm.. this paper crown... couldn't help but notice my head is umm *cough* crownless!

The Masked Critic said...

YOU HAVE A CIN-OB MOBILE? What year? Fully loaded?

Can I see the back seat?

^ I dont even know what that means! lol

Jonathan said...

Ok, so it doesn't look like anyone was able to figure it out yet. Neither have I but I'll give it a shot. For some reason this kid looks european, and I'm stuck between Anthony Hopkins and Sean Connery...I really don't know but those are my guesses.

I am allowing myself with two guesses since I'm such good follower! LOL