Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ferocious Fight: Anchorman

This movie was special to us. Veeeery special. We went on vacation after we watched it and spent the entire week spouting quotes. Who does that? WE DO!

We shat when Ben Stiller showed up with the Spanish news crew, and Tim Robbins?! Who could ask for more?! Check out this Ferocious Fight from one of our all-time favies, Anchorman (2004)... BRICK KILLED A GUY!


Amber said...

Great fight scene! Weirdly, it took me a couple of viewings to appreciate the awesomeness of this movie. I didn't start quoting it until the fifth or sixth time through.

Angie said...

We must have rewound "Afternoon Delight" like 10 times the first time we watched. We were so out of breath from laughing!