Saturday, December 5, 2009

Movie Tattoos... you have to be REALLY obsessed...

Well, happy Saturday everyone... (anyone?) Today we're giving you a taste of some other totally cinema obsessed people... so obsessed in fact that they decided to immortalize some films (and characters) on their bodies.

This one's not bad, except Frankenstein looks a little like he's wearing camouflage makeup...

This is just sad. It's like tatooing "I FOLLOW TRENDS" on your back. I mean, I get it... I love all things Twilight as well... but I have psychic abilities... I'm capable of looking into the future and saying, "I will NOT want to look like a total D-Bag in 15 years."

This one here is crazy realistic, but it also screams "virgin"... also "delusional." And actually, it just makes me shudder because it looks like it hurts. Not the getting of the tattoo.. but the illusion of the shredded human flesh.

Bride of Frankenstein is pretty amazing. Well done, but it still begs the question... why would you want that on you FOREVER? She also has an insane hickey.

A Corpse Bride tattoo... interesting. It's hard for me to bad-mouth anything related to Tim Burton, but unless you had something to do with the creative process of this movie, don't decorate yourself with it.

Yeah... cuz who DOESN'T want evil posessed Linda Blair staring at you for the rest of your life?

Another impressive artistic rendering... but again... it's of a less than desirable character.

Amazing. You think he has Jar Jar Binks on the other arm?

This tattoo gets cut off before the best part... the abs.

You have to be pretty dedicated to loving a movie to have Napoleon Dynamite tattooed on your arm. It's funny and all, but he's not the most attractive leading man. To capture the hilarity I definitely would have done his full body... to get those wicked-sexy boots in there.

This one here also shows some major dedication. But awesome, nonetheless. Although Luke looks about 80 years old.

You stay classy, San Diego. Very good likeness of the one and only Ron Burgandy, but why the floral arrangement?

Why anyone would want to be associated with a cannibalistic villain forever is beyond me.

Or this creepy mofo, for that matter.

Do you think this guy gets free tuition at Hogwarts?

"ET phone laser removal clinic."

I bet this guy shows his tattoo to the ladies and says, "Sexy time! HIGH FIVE!"

I guess I shouldn't really judge any of these people since I got this wicked piece
done on my back.

(If you don't get the reference, shame on you... click here to learn more.)


Jonathan said...

I have to admit most if not all of these are very well done and creative, but I would never get a tattoo of a movie character on any body part.

Maybe some day I might consider tattooing something like Tenac ious D on my ass!! LOL Now that would be amazing!

Cinema Obsessed said...

No no Jonathan... You get 'Tenac', Angie will get 'ious' and Chanty will get a big 'D'. That way we can all run (nude of course) into the sunset together as a fabulous Tenacious D trio!


JRL said...

Some of these people need a lot of help... especially the guy who got Nepolean Dynomite tattooted on him. LOL
And i'm guessing that it's some teeny bopper who got the twilight tattoo, and unless he/she lost her virginity while at the theatre.. not worth it! (especially that big, what are people thinking)
The spider man tattoo is SICK!!!