Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Woooowwww... I had NO idea who this was until I scrolled down the page I found it on. Crazy! Never would have guessed! Plastic surgery can do a lot for a person. Although she's clearly been clipped and snipped, she still has some remnants of her former self, so I think one of you lovely Cin-Obs is capable of figuring it out.

Become the new Cin-Ob Supreme! Then climb onto your roof (wearing the special cape we will send you) and shout it out for all to hear!

Also get a post of your choice on Friday. We give up control of our content for that one special moment. It's a big deal. You know you want it... SO START GUESSING!


The Masked Critic said...

It looks like Adrien Brody

Poor girl.

Sorry whoever it really is!

mysterg said...

Geena Davis?

Jonathan said...

I'm really not sure, but I think it's Jennifer Love Hewitt!! It's really hard, but the smile and the eyes look like her!

Tom said...

Eeeeek! My guess is Jennifer love Hewitt as well. Didn't she also have her boobs enlarged, too? Poor girl.