Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Drop Dead Fred: A Classic Review

Ok so if you don't know this movie, you're not an 80's/90's kid. If you were young in either decade, you friggin' know this movie... and I bet you loved it. If not, get outta here and never show your face again. For shaaaaammme.

I'm kidding, please don't go.

Drop Dead Fred (1991) tells the story of Lizzie (Phoebe Cates), a young girl with some severe mental and behavioural problems, all of which can be attributed to mental illness... sorry, I mean her imaginary friend Drop Dead Fred (British comedian Rik Mayall). When her megabitch mother locks Fred away, Lizzie is forced to conform and be normal. Boring!

But as an adult, when her marriage falls apart, Fred comes back to help her deal. And to look like a crazy person all over again.

This movie is full of shenanigans, embarassing and awkward moments, poop jokes, and general wackiness. If you didn't enjoy it, you don't have a soul. This film has become such a cult classic that the DVD is totally scarce... you can search forever, but you're just not gonna find it easily. Sure, you can get the Region 2 DVD on eBay for $40+, but that's useless. Good luck finding anything other than a VHS, and even then... you're shelling out big bucks.

We've been searching every garage sale, discount bin, thrift store, etc, for years, with no luck. Anywhere this gem appears, it is IMMEDIATELY snatched up. We've asked store clerks at used DVD stores if they have it, and have been told, "Hell no, if it showed up, I'D buy it."

Check out what happens in the psychiatrist's waiting room when a bunch of kids' imaginary friends have a reunion.

And good news! Russell Brand will be playing Fred in an upcoming remake of this cult favie, and introducing a whole new generation of kids (who don't know a thing about good movies), to the magic of DROP DEAD FRED!! We think he's just the right man to pull it off... No word yet on who will play Lizzie, but our vote is for Emma Stone. Yeah!!!


jorg wobblington lopez said...

I remember that movie. After it came out everyone was saying drop dead, and some people would then add fred... because it rhymed....

Angie said...

hahaha I'm glad other people remember it like we do! It holds a special place in our hearts!