Thursday, January 7, 2010

Go With Us On This One - A Donkey Kong Movie!

Ok Hollywood... listen up. We've got a golden idea, and we want to be paid for it. Cuz we're sell-outs, ok... what of it?

A craptacular Mario Brothers movie was made in 1993 (we loved it anyway), so we think it's time for another Nintendo adaptation for all the 80s kids out there.

We were lucky enough to have the Cin-Ob Parents buy us a Super Nintendo way back in the day, and the unit came with the game Donkey Kong Country. This game was so satisfying that we NEVER bought another game for the system. Kong was all we could want (even though, to this day, we've never beat the asshole at the end).

So here's our pitch - bring the Kong universe to life on the big screen! Animation/CGI/3D is at a point now where this could be done extremely well, and satisfy our every desire to see things come to life, ie: the snowy levels, the underwater stuff, the jungle romps, the baddies (that stupid sqwaking vulture jerk who throws nuts at you), and of course... Mine Cart Carnage!!! The funnest level in video game history!!!

Think of the storyline possibilities! It's all pretty much ready to go from the game! We have a hero and a sidekick (Kong and Diddy), a love interest (Dixie), and even a baby (Kiddy Kong), if the writers are so inclined to include him. Oh the possibilities! Our idea is that Kiddy gets kongnapped by that mofo on the pirate ship at the end, and then... a rescue mission!

Come on... it's brilliant.

Anyone got any ideas on possible voice talents to be included in the project?
Let the bidding war begin on our idea...


JRL said...

My only comment on this is:
If the TV show did so poorly, why would the movie do any better? (Although to counter my own argument, i did watch the TV show - although it wasn't very good, it just had a lot of bright colours!)

Anonymous said...

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