Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sublime Soundtrack: Music and Lyrics

Wow, it's been a while since we've given you a Sublime Soundtrack! Music and Lyrics (2007) was playing on some chick channel the other day, and we sat there singing along, and discussing why the HELL we haven't done a SS for it yet. Yeah. SS... it's an abbrev.

We've said it before and we'll say it again... we're suckers for an ORIGINAL soundtrack. Pulling crap outta the current top 40 just doesn't get us as excited. When songs are written for a film (and they're actually good songs) we'll put that shniz on repeat in the car for WEEKS!

Has-been 80s pop star Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) is commissioned to write a tune for an extremely popular singing sensation/dufus named Cora. He notices his neurotic plant-watering lady (Drew Barrymore) has a knack for poetry so they team up to write a little diddy... diddy dum diddy doo.

Ok, so it ain't Casablanca, but plotline aside (which we enjoyed anyway), this movie has us tapping our 80s-lovin' toes the whole time. Not to mention LOVING Hughey's dance moves (which we've seen before).

The tunes in this movie fit in so nicely. Here we have the band POP! back in their hayday, a great song accompanied by a freakin' amazing 80s video.

To show the audience the true washed-outness that is Hugh's character, we get a little sampling of a song called Meaningless Kiss, performed at a high school reunion for the drooling soccer moms (watch for a completely hilarious Kristen Johnston here). Regardless of the crappiness of the venue, the song is actually catchy, and believable as a hit ballad of the 80s. Fun tid-bit, Hugh Grant did all his singing for the film, so it's very real.

Another crappy gig brings us to this amusement park where Hugh gives us a bit of Dance With Me Tonight, another lovey-dovey ballad that surely would have gotten 80s airplay had it been real. This song comes right after a love scene between our heros, so the song compliments their growing feelings nicely. Plus it's just a cute song.

And last but not least, the amazing tune we see Hugh and Drew (hey that rhymes) composing throughout the entire film. As the movie progresses, we watch this song come together slowly, bit by bit, just as we do their relationship. Whoa, that was deep. It all comes together beautifully in the end as the catchiest and most contemporary song in the film with beautiful harmonies, original lyrics, and a melody that will be stuck in your head all day.

And now I give you the masterpiece of the soundtrack, Way Back Into Love.


Amber said...

Seeing Hugh Grant dance makes me really uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

But wait, i'm confused, what's an 'abbrev.'

JRL said...

Oh god, Amber's right... i think my eyes are bleeding!
...but my ears... my god i've never heard such beautiful words!

Angie said...

Amber - that's part of the fun!

Anon - I'm just gonna assume you're being funny. :) If not, I apologize. Abbrev = abbreviation

JRL - here, have a bandaid for your eyeballs.