Monday, February 1, 2010 T-Shirts!

Want to proudly show the world you're a Cin-Ob? Have a look at these babies here... Pretty much any colour is available in every design, and there are men's and women's style shirts. If you have any ideas for a design, or you're interested in buying a shirt, drop us a line!

"I'd pick out a thermos for you anyday"
(reference to The Jerk, 1979)

"An obsession sixty five million years in the making"
(Jurassic Park, duh)

"Once upon an obsession..."

"May the obsession be with you..."

"Boldly going where no obsession has gone before..."

Keep in mind, we're just trying to get a rough idea of who would buy a t-shirt. We're testing the market, cuz we're business savvy like that. If there's enough interest, BOOM! We're ordering a shitload!

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