Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Memorable Monologue: Shopgirl

"Amplifiers are so under-appreciated. They could be so cool looking and nobody cares about design, you know. It pisses me off! Mac designs a cool computer, EVERYBODY goes out and they buy it! And... a band! A rock n' roll band... lives or dies by their amplifiers... and they're sold... like fridgerators. Hell, it's that ridiculous, come on! The amp should have mystique! I mean, yeah. I mean, an amp should be sold like cool things! You know, like cars! Like swords! Not like appliances."

~ Jason Schwartzman as Jeremy in Shopgirl (2005)


Hipstercrite said...

damn, you ladies are on a role today.
i love this movie, but loved the book even more. i read the book, saw the movie, then read the book again. watching the movie made me appreciate the book on a whole new level. i cried so hard the second time i read it. do you ladies like the book?

Angie said...

Noooo and I'm ashamed! It's Steve Martin! How could I have missed it?!