Monday, February 15, 2010

Scintillating Scene: Hello Dolly!

Hey Cin-Obs. I know this is a 8 minute clip, but I'm asking you the favour of watching the whole thing.

Found this classic on DVD at HMV for SIX DOLLARS, and if you know me at all, you know I can't pass up a musical. And this is a STREISAND musical.

Hello Dolly! (1969) won the Oscar for best music, and boy did it deserve it. This clip here is the crowning jewel of the film. Not only is it the most remembered song in the film, but the dance numbers that accompany it are amazing. Waiters flyin' all over the place, corny food props, it's a feast for the eyes! AND THE EARS!

I could rave about every moment of this scene from sets to costumes, but you just need to watch to appreciate it.

And if you feel it's a little long, keep this in mind - the legend Louis Armstrong makes a cameo late in the clip at the 5:28 mark. And that's not something you'll wanna miss.

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