Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time for a name drop...

So we are like TOTALLY connected to "the biz" now. You better believe it.

Chantale and I just about made cacas in our undies when we opened our e-mail last night.

Remember when we told you about Going The Distance, the upcoming film starring Justin Long (swoooon) and Drew Barrymore?

Well Geoff LaTulippe, WRITER of the film, dropped us an e-mail because he read our post! Mighty-excitey! He wanted us to know:

"I truly believe this will be the antithesis of the standard, sugar-coated, paint-by-number romantic comedy... it's going to be R-rated, blunt, and hopefully pretty damned funny... It certainly is not [a mushy romantic comedy], and if that's what it had turned into, I would have killed myself by now. I promise you that."

Haha, thanks Geoff!

So he hates romantic comedies, and Going The Distance will not be a mush-fest. It has some edge! Right on!

He went on to tell us he's "also writing another comedy about (at least in part) a romantic relationship...the participants of which are zombies. That's right: a zombie romantic comedy that isn't a romantic comedy. So you kids are about to get your wish. It's being produced by Diablo Cody."

Hellz yeah! If you're wondering why he devulged this zombie-related info, check out our original post.

Rom-Zom-Com is becoming a reality! We can't wait! The film is called Breathers: A Zombie Lament, and we're totally razzamajazzed!


The Masked Critic said...

And he didn't offer you tickets to see it on opening night for you providing FREE advertising?!?


PS. Zom-Rom-Com has already been done. Shaun of the Dead anyone?

Angie said...

The movie is in post-production so, um.... no... no free tickets cause it ain't even possible.

Free advertising? Well, that could be said about everything and everyone we write about - we'd be rich right now if everyone paid us for talking about them...

And Shaun of the Dead, was more comedy than romance...

The Masked Critic said...

Ok...So Shaun of the Dead is a Zom-Com-Rom instead of a Zom-Rom-Com.

You deserve free stuff!

I wish I had stuff to give you. Any stuff! If I ever get stuff, consider it yours!

Christina In Wonderland said...

Name dropping?

You media hound. Lol. Just kidding. I love you, chicas!

And a zombie rom-com that isn't a rom-com? I could totally dig that...

Stacie said...

I knew it was a good idea to fall in with you two... don't forget us little folks when more hollywood types come a callin