Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Angie's Bedtime Rotation

In response to Chanty's post a while ago about her favie bedtime flicks, I thought I'd retaliate. Well, ok, that makes it sounds militant, but I wanted to express myself in a similar fashion. There, that was nice.

And once I really thought about my bedtime movies, I realized how much of an effing dork I am. But I wear that badge proudly. Like a Purple Heart, bitches, so don't hate on geeks! Sorry, I get defensive.

I went through a Sci-Fi phase a while ago, where I couldn't get enough of Star Trek (2009), Avatar (2009), and Galaxy Quest (1999). Now you might think, 'those are some weird choices for a chick.' And yes, I agree. They're also not exactly light-hearted bedtime kinda flicks, but I didn't care. Once I'd seen the movies ten times, it was all so familiar and comforting. Also keep in mind that I'm asleep within 20 minutes, so I usually only get to watch the fun, not-so-intense opening scenes that set up the story. But once I started having slews of alien dreams, space battles, explosions, etc., that were waking me up and making my mind race, I decided to ween myself off.

Then I went for comedy, and picked Young Frankenstein (1974) off my shelf. We all know how that turned out. YF has slipped out of every-single-night-viewing, but is still in the current rotation.

Now added to the queue is Guys and Dolls (1955) which I can't get enough of. The songs from this movie are constantly stuck in my head, and seeping out of my mouth as well for all to hear.  Washing dishes - "A person... can develop a cold!" (2:33 for the part that really gets stuck in my head) Shovelling snow - "Your eyes are the eyes, of a woman in love!" 

Chanty is thoroughly fed up with my showtunes, although secretly I think she loves it. I've had a special place in my heart for this movie since it was shown to me in 8th grade music class. While all the other too-cool-for-school kids scoffed, I was in heaven. Recently it made its way to the top shelf DVD rotation when I glimpsed Brando in Streetcar, saw how hot he was in the 50s, and pulled out G&D remembering he was in it too.

So now your curiosity should be satisfied as to what I'm currently watching at bedtime. Finally, eh? Geez why did I hold out so long?

Do you have any movie routines? Do you watch anything before beddy-by?

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Jen said...

When I had a tv in my room I was the same way. But I would try to remember where I was in the movie and start there the following day. Now mind you, I am usually asleep within 10 minutes so movies take forever.
I loved to watch Sweet Home Alabama, Just like Heaven, Ten things I hate about you, She's the man,What Women want, Head over Heels and Perfect man.
I am a sap for love stories.
I wish I had a tv in my room now.