Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tasty Tagline: The Muppet Movie

More entertaining than humanly possible!


Anonymous said...

I love the way your bog reminds me of favourite movies I had long ago forgotten about! It's always , "Yeah, I TOTALLY loved the movie. How could I have forgotten it?" The Muppet Movie is a classic.
I gave you two and award today. Come on by when you get a chance. (I would have left a comment on today's post, but Chucky really freaks me out. He's like Casey on crack - a Canadian CBC reference few of your readers would understand. LOL!) - G

Angie said...

Yes! Georgina! We totally know Casey. We're canucks too, dontcha know!

Glad to remind you of some great movies, that's what we strive for :)

And thanks for the award! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!