Friday, March 19, 2010

We're Full of Sunshine!

WOW! A special thanks to Cin-Ob Georgina over at Olive Me, who has bestowed the Sunshine Award upon us!

In the grand tradition of Blogging Awards, we're going to pass it on to some others who deserve a shout-out!

And the recipients are:

Amber over at Nostomanic - for her hilarious posts about all kinds of stuff we love, that fill us with that tingly nostalgic feeling, mixed with peeing our pants with laughter.

Sonsey at Ottawa Horror - for bringing horror goodness to Ottawa peeps! (I guess it's ironic to give a SUNSHINE award to a dark horror fanatic like Sonsey, but it's the thought that counts)

Christina from Christina in Wonderland for her overall entertaining posts and rants (and dedicated Cin-Ob participation!)

Thanks again Georgina!  We 'preciate it somethin' fierce.


♥♥♥sheena_pinkaholic♥♥♥ said...

hi.,can you please put a comment in all my post in my blog?.,i really needed for our I.T fundamental subject.,thank you.,

god bless!!!


Amber said...

Aw, shucks. This made my day. Thanks, guys!

Christina In Wonderland said...

Aw. How sweet! I get an award for being entertaining and rantful! Yay! You like me; you really, really like me!