Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Audacious Audition: The Producers

Voilà! Another Audacious Audition - this time from Mel Brooks' 1968 production of The Producers.

Now before you get offended seeing countless Hitlers wandering around and saluting and crap, you need to know the premise of the film. Broadway producers Bialystock and Bloom are out to make the worst show of all time (in a crazy scheme to make a fortune), so they sought out the offensive material and bad actors.

Audition today for the role of Adolf Hitler! No previous experience required!


JRL said...

That's the second most Hitler's i've seen in a single room. Also, why is why of the Hitlers only wearing a speedo?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't leave the blog without commenting on those boots... dear god.