Thursday, April 22, 2010

Charismatic Character: Mike LaFontaine

Thanks to this character 'Wha Happened?' has become a regular part of our vocab. Fred Willard is a comic genius. He's a regular in Christopher Guest's movies, all of which we LOOOVE!

Meet Mike LaFontaine, the biggest Douchebag you'll ever meet. He thinks he's hilarious. He thinks he's brilliant. And as much as I want to say he's not... he really is! Just not in the way he thinks he is!

This character was born in A Mighty Wind (2003). Check out what we had to say about this gem's Sublime Soundtrack here!

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Casey said...

"WHA HAPPENED!?" Haha, great character. I thought that this particular movie of Christopher Guest's collection was one of the slower going of the bunch, but Mike LaFontaine's character really saved the movie. Hilarious.