Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Money Pit: A Classic Review

That's right Cin-Obs. It's time for another Classic Review! It's time to talk about The Money Pit (1986).

This movie has been watched in our home an absolutely OBSCENE amount of times.

We recite this gem, line by line, accents, intonations and all! We even throw in production notes and alternate suggestions. We have something to say every moment of this movie. Hence why nobody wants to watch movies with us.

Here's the synopsis:

Walter Fielding Jr. and his wife Anna snag one hell of a deal on an uber-mansion outside the city. It seems too good to be true, but the couple make the leap together. Their home sweet home quickly becomes 'home crap home'. Shite goes wrong, and FAST. The renovations begin and they're soon in way over their heads!

Here's why we love this movie:

a) Tom Hanks. The man can do no wrong.
b) It's chalk-full of Charismatic Characters
c) Soooo many SHENANIGANS!!!
d) The Shirk Brothers

Here's one of our favie scenes. Walter discovers some electrical issues in the kitchen. Things catch fire, melt, explode in this delectable disaster! Here's the question we ask each and every time we watch this scene... Why oh WHY is this single couple (in the midst of a major reno) making a massive feast?! What you don't see at the end of this scene is a GIGANTIC turkey exploding out of the oven and flying across the grounds. Someone explain this to us. PLEASE. Save us from the constant mini-meltdowns we experience trying to reason this nonsense out.

Tom... this is why we love you. You can take a sunrise... sprinkle it with dew... NO. Wait. Wrong movie. Ahem. Tom, we love you because you can make us larf without saying anything at all. Brilliant.

If you're not sold yet, check out the Tempting Trailer. We're sure you'll come around!

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Jerry said...

This is one of my favorite movies. I recently bought it on a trip to Maryland to watch on the plane ride. =)