Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tantalizing Trivia: Bye Bye Birdie

Many of the actors from the 1963 version of Bye Bye Birdie have stated they were unhappy with the final product of the film, feeling it turned into a star vehicle for Ann-Margret.

Director George Sidney was smitten with Margret and, at his own expense, added in this title sequence. It was filmed 6 months after initial production was finished. Margret is prominently featured singing a song at the beginning of the film, AND at the end. This song was written expressly for this purpose, not having been included in the original Broadway production.

I guess the other actors had a point.


Darrin.. said...

I always love watching that Ann Margaret clip. Classic!!

Angie said...

Totally, it's the catchiest song in the movie!