Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Who is he? Come on. You totally know his face. Look at those eyes. Awww.. I just wanna squeeze him! And even today, I could definitely give him a creepy-hold-on-too-long hug.

Be the first to tell us in the comments and become the newest Cin-Ob Supreme!

This title comes with a post of your choice of Friday, bragging rights, and a VIP pass to me and Chanty's next photo shoot. It's a good one - we're dressing up like Na'vi. Wouldn't wanna miss that, would ya?

Start guessin'!

Also, don't forget to play this week's TAGLINES: Take Two! This game lets you showcase your creativity... so come on. PLLAAAYY!!


Simon said...

That, sirs, is RObert Downey Jr.

C. M. Dobson said...

I agree!


One of these days I'll be caught up and I'll be the first to answer one of these!