Monday, May 24, 2010

Colourful Cameo: Chuck Norris in Dodgeball

That's right. It's totally happening. A new segment!

Colourful Cameos (yes it's colOURful because we're Canucks) will showcase those itty-bitty roles or special appearances in film that make you go "HEY! It's insert celebrity name here!"

First on the list is a wonderful cameo that took everyone by surprise, and when I saw it in theatres people in the crowd gasped, and some of the daintier ladies fainted. Come on, it IS Chuck Norris we're talking about here.

The movie: Dodgeball. The Year: 2004. The underdog movie to end all underdog movies. Average Joe's Gym is competing in a Dodgeball tournament and a motion has been brought forward to disqulify the team. It comes down to a vote from the panel of judges. One thumb up... one thumb down... it all comes down to the final judge. Aaaannnd..... Chuck Norris shows up to save the day. As he does whenever he is around.

Now, considering this is Chuck Norris, we're wondering why they bothered having any other judges? In fact, why did they even bother holding this tournament? We all know Chuck Norris won the tournament before it ever started. He also invented dodgeball. In his original game, it was just him against a whole team.. and they weren't dodging balls - they were dodging round-house kicks to the face.

Thank YOU, Chuck Norris!


Christina In Wonderland said...

I absolutely love Chuck Norris. And I agree with you on all aspects. Chuck always wins, so why bother with the other judges? He knew the outcome...

Unless Chuck Norris is like God and he's just letting it go on for his own entertainment.

Maybe... :/

Matt-suzaka said...

I love the line, Thank you Chuck Norris. Why? Because it's funny and because more people should than him...for not stealing their women, the airplane seats, their place in line at Taco Bell, and their soul. For that, I thank him daily.

Joe Monster said...

Awesome post. I finally know that Chuck Norris is indeed a Pepsi man! Suck it, Cola!