Friday, June 4, 2010

Awww shucks... we got an award!

A big huge supersize thank you to Cin-Ob Melanie from Melanie's Randomness! She gave us an award today! Check her out... she's an awesome little lady who like TOTALLY gets us.

HAPPY 101! So is that the beginner's class to happiness? Personally I think I'm ready for Advanced Happiness, and A History of Happy.

So... this award comes with an assignment - write ten things that make us happy, and pass it on to ten people!

Things That Make Us Happy (obviously we're keeping this movie-related)

1) A good blanky. No matter the weather, if I sit down on a couch to watch a movie, there needs to be a blanky. Personally my fave is our Pirates of the Caribbean blanky in the Cin-Ob Basement (pics coming this weekend). Chantale is partial to the Disney Princess one. You know, a good blanky is one that never itches, keeps you warm, and is soft enough that you can stroke it across your face in that soothing infantile way. Yeah, we're 20-somethings who like blankies. Big deal. WHO'S WITH US?!?

2) Sour keys. Even though our teeth hurt for days after a binge, there's just nothing better than a tub-o-sourkeys from Wal-Mart. Obviously these always accompany a movie.

3) Ewan McGregor for Angie, Jason Segel for Chanty

4) Apocalyptic movies (yes, it's a problem and we are seeking help)

5) Zombies

6) Bargain bin hunting for cheap DVDs, and the adrenaline rush of finding a goodie amongst the crap

7) the terrible movies that came outta the 80s/90s

8) the Drive-In!

9) Writing a post about something really obscure and not expecting a response, then realizing that you guys know it and love it too! It's good not to feel alone in this big scary world.

10) The Cin-Obs and their comments! BOOYEAH!

Ok, so we're passing this on to some very deserving Cin-Obs. Here we go!

Powdered Toast Man from Just the Cheese
Sammy V from Next Door Critic
ASBLACKASOBAMA from I Think It's Interesting
Vancetastic from The Audient
Karen from The Kaye Way
Dezmond from The Hollywood Spy

Ok peeps, if you feel like doing a write-up or passing it on, feel free... but I'm totally not assigning you this project. Just wanted to acknowledge your coolness, and thank the lovely Melanie!


DEZMOND said...

oh, congrats on the award, and thanks for passing it onto humble little me :) I shall display it over in my sidebar in my award shelf so that everyone can stare at it and get envious :))

Vancetastic said...

Cool, thanks! I'm sure it won't be too hard to think of ten things that make me happy, cinematically. I've done a different then things on my own blog today, with a not-so-happy theme ...

Vancetastic said...

Excuse me, make that "ten things" (not "then things").

Angie said...

:) typos are a bitch. Yesterday I said Houseboar instead of Houseboat.

Houseboar: a large domesticated pig-like creature

Adam said...

Cool! Congrats on the award & thanks for passing it on!

Will try & make a response on my blog over the weekend.

The Mike said...

Much thanks for the mention! Keep up the great work!

Sammy V said...

Thanks, chicas!

KeLLy aNN said...

wOOhOO! You like Me, You really like me.....hahahaa

Awww, Cher bebe. Thanks pEEps.
The only ones who make me laugh more are The Womb Fruits.


Hey! ASBLACKASOBAMA! That's me!!!!

Thanks so much guys! You guys are like all famous and stuff! I feel like I can be linked to Kevin Bacon now!

Powdered Toast Man said...

Thanks for the great award.I will display it with pride on my sidebar. Luv ur blog.