Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cin-Ob Speak: Sci-Fi Spectacular!

In this week's episode we travel into the deepest reaches of outer space to discuss our favie science fiction films! Listen to this episode, and live long and prosper.


Chuck said...

Gals, I can not get the Cin-Ob button code to work on my blog. I have tried it several times but nothing appears. I have added other blog's buttons so I mostly know what I am doing. Any thoughts??

Loved the Sci-Fi reviews today...made my morning!

Chantale said...

Chuck! Thanks so much for listening - you made our morning! We'll try to fix the button issues ASAP!

Angie said...

Chuck - I think we've fixed the button issue, so give it another try and let us know if it's working. If not, sorry for wasting your time, LOL! We're still learning the HTML biz.