Wednesday, June 9, 2010

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: 20SB Featured Blogger of the Month

Ok ok ok... we're asking for another favour. We're greedy. We're promo-whores. Whatever. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

So, 20 Something Bloggers is a network that we are a part of, and in their words, they are "a place for 20-somethings to discover and be discovered." It's a great tool for finding other bloggers in the same age-range and we've actually discovered some of our favie blogs to read through this network!

Here's what this is all about - the site features a blogger every month, based on nominations/votes from other members. SO we'd like to ask pretty pleeeeaaase that if you are a member, you log right in and look on the left sidebar for the featured blogger of the month feature, and click nominate a blogger! Post a little comment and nominate! (If you've been enjoying our crazy blatherings about all things cinema, that is.) It would be muchly appreciated, since our goal is always to spread the obsession! BOOYEAH!



Matt-suzaka said...

I would, but I am too old. My brittle fingers make it hard to type too, but good luck!

Anonymous said...

Too bad there's not a tensomething bloggers thing...

Christina In Wonderland said...

Wait? You've never been a featured blogger on there? FOR SHAME! I must start a battalion to get you girls featured. AWAY!

Angie said...

Matt - the sentiment means more than an actual vote so thanks. Now here, let me open the bottle of arthritis pills for you.

Marshall - there's gotta be a teen blogger network! If not, start one! :)

Christina - let the campaign begin! haha no seriously, thanks so much for your vote!!! AWAY!