Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm Bruce Willis!

Yes, indeed, it's Brucie! Congrats to Hipstercrite for guessing correctly, only 3 minutes after this was posted! Lightening speed! Join me in congratulating her for becoming the newest Cin-Ob Surpeme!

Check back later to see what she has in store for you!


KeLLy aNN said...

lol, did you know I'm married to Bruce Willis?
except he goes by the name Chook,um, I mean Chuck.


Angie said...

Whhaaaatt?? Your hubby's name is actually Bruce Willis?

KeLLy aNN said...
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Yippee Ki Yay! I'm gonna have to quit work to keep up with these 'Who Am I' games! lol

KeLLy aNN said...

no, but he sure as heck looks like him. They even share some what of an occupation, The Chuck Who Is My Man is a copper and Bruce Willis plays lots of coppers.

The only difference is the dna Bruce Willis is a lot smaller in statue.

We've even been in line at the movies and someone will call out
"Hey Bruce" shyte!