Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm Joaquin Phoenix!

That's right! This little man is formerly-respected actor Joaquin Phoenix! Don't get us wrong, we were huuuuge fans... but then things went downhill for him, as you know. We're hoping to God Casey Affleck comes out with some amazing documentary and it wins Oscars so we can love Joaquin again. *sniffle* So this photo comes from Joaquin's role in Space Camp (1986). Back then he was known as Leaf Phoenix. Did you know that? Yeah, his parents were hippies. Google that family, it makes for an interesting read.

Just to prove a point, here's a before and after. First, we have the version of Joaquin that we were lusty-mcbusty for. Then the tragic trainwreck he is now.

Anyways, a big congrats to Jonathan, once again, for guessing correctly, and becoming the new Cin-Ob Supreme!

His post of choice is coming up later, and it's a goodie!

Honourable mention goes to ASBLACKASOBAMA, because he totally knew it, only seconds after Jo-Jo. We were routing for you, buddy! Anything special you wanna see? Let us know!

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MovieDrew said...

Is that really Joaquin Phoenix? It looks like Zack Galafianakis.