Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tempting Trailer: The Room

Ok... so admittedly, Chantale and I have NOT yet seen the craptastic gem that is the Tommy Wiseau flopper-turned-cult-favie, The Room.

It's playing at The Mayfair, but we haven't gotten out there yet. June 19th is the day we're gonna make it there... and the countdown has begun. We are so freakin' jazzed to enjoy this piece 'o shit, it's not even funny. After seeing this Tempting Trailer and reading the Wikipedia entry about this film, our love affair had begun. We didn't even need to see it to understand it's magic.

For anyone who hasn't heard about this bomb, let me break it down for you - it's an independent film, funded entirely by Mr. Wiseau. He also wrote, produced, directed, AND STARRED in it. After it was widely regarded as the worst movie ever created, Wiseau had the cojones to claim it was all pre-meditated, and the bizareness and bad acting was intentional from the start. His actors had publicly denied this and stated Wiseau thought he was actually making a good film.

Anyways, enough said. This trailer pretty much says it all. We'll fill you in more once we've seen it.

Have any of you seen this crapolicious masterpiece? Thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

I have not seen it but I keep hearing about it from amused people. And they're not amused for the right reasons. I guess that guy had a fantasy about being in his own movie and it shows. That was some of the most hilarious acting I've ever seen. Worse than Arnie! :) I kind of want to see it now. I wonder if I can download it from somewhere?