Thursday, July 29, 2010

The 89 Second Review: Dinner for Schmucks

In this 89 Second Review, we host our very own Dinner for Schmucks. Watch it to see who we invited to dinner.

(Yes, we're aware it's more than 89 seconds, so please hold all comments to that effect ;) We had a guest star and lost track of time. It happens.)


KeLLy aNN said...

hey did you know its longer than 89 seconds?? hahahaha....snort, couldnt' help it.

I like your friend.
AND his tie!

Pick~lays, he related to Boo~kay {bucket}?

Angie said...

hahaha!! wasn't that the best tie ever? "A deck of cards mixed with an Irishman" LOL too funny!

Pick~lays, just like Joe Dirté