Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brilliant Bloopers: Superbad

If you know anything about Judd Apa-wow, you know his films break records for the amount of film used. That's because he just lets his actors go. Improv, ad-libbing, and going with the flow are part of the deal when working on one of his movies, which makes for some unbelievably funny... you guessed it... BRILLIANT BLOOPERS!

Watch people fall out of cars, get chased by bees, make pee-pee jokes, and generally crack up laughing in the bloops of Superbad (2007).


That Girl said...

Have you watched with cast and crew commentary?

Half of them are in New York while the other half are in LA. Judd is in NY with Jonah Hill and Judd's 9 year old daughter Maude is in the room but she does not have a headset so she can't hear anything except what the NY people are saying.

Jonah Hill drives Judd out of the commentary by cussing. They have a spat and Judd leaves in a huff.

One of my favorite DVD Commentaries!

That Girl

Dan said...

Looks like working on the movie was as funny as watching it! Great clip!