Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cin-Ob Speak: Terrific Time Travel!

UPDATE: We've just learned this file hasn't been working since we posted it, but the problem is now solved, so listen away!

Travel backwards... and forwards in time with us as we discuss our favie time travel flicks!


Adam said...

Somewhere in Time - My favourite Christopher Reeve film outside of the Superman movies, in which he wills himself back to 1912, to meet Jane Seymour, who he's fallen in love with after seeing her in a framed picture. Don't know how widely available this is now, but has a cult following.

Alex Winter (aka Bill S. Preston Esquire) runs a production company, and was apparently responsible for some of the more recent 'Grrr-eat!' Kelloggs Frosties TV commercials!

Max Evel said...

Happy 4th girlie girls !

Sadako said...

Great post. Love the time travel flicks.

Chantale said...

Adam - Thanks for the great tip - we'll definitely check out this movie!