Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tantalizing Trivia: UHF

In the 1989 comedy UHF, Weird Al Yankovic plays George Newman, a man with a great imagination who runs a small television station. In addition to the programs that are shown or mentioned in the film, at one point the audience sees a large display of the station's Friday line-up.

It includes:

- Beastiality Today
- Beat the Loan Shark
- Beverly Hillbillies
- Buddha Knows Best
- Dog Racing from Rio de Janeiro
- Druids on Parade
- Eye On Toxic Waste
- Fun with Dirt
- Leave it to Bigfoot
- Mr. Ed
- My Three Mutants
- Name that Stain
- News
- Raul's Wild Kingdom
- Stanley Spadowski's Clubhouse
- That's Disgusting
- The Flying Pope
- The Lice is Right
- The Young and the Dyslexic
- Town Talk
- Traffic Court
- Secrets of the Universe
- Underwater Bingo for Teens
- Volcano Worshiper's Hour
- Wheel of Fish
- Wide World of Tractor Pulls
- Wonderful World of Phlegm
- You Bet Your Pink Slip

Gee... the host of Wheel of Fish looks SOOOO familiar... *head scratch*


JRL said...

One of the greatest hidden gems ever in the comedy genre. I remember watching this when i was 13 with some of my freinds, we would no stop laughing. All i've ever wanted from then on was a Wheel of Fish.

Btw, red snapper is a very tasty fish!!!

TG said...

I never seen this movie yet...Thanks for the information.. Maybe i watch it!
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ghrency said...

Never heard of this..The only one i know is the Wheel of Fortune..

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