Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tempting Trailer: Graffiti Bridge

There is so much I want to say about this 1990 gem of a musical drama. Graffiti Bridge, written and directed by Prince, formerly 'The Artist Formerly Known As' (a.k.a. Lunatic), is a sequel of sorts to Purple Rain (1984).

The world can be divided into 2 groups: Those who love Prince's whacked out movies and those who don't.
Guess which group we belong to? That's right! We loved both these flicks. Now we'd like to present you with the Tempting Trailer for Graffiti Bridge. It's full of musical numbers and HORRIFIC acting. It's fabulous. Give it a try and report back!

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Alex Page said...

I didn't know that Prince made movies o.O but I LOVE Purple Rain!