Monday, July 12, 2010

Tempting Trailer: Spaceballs... RE-CUT!

We love watching re-cut trailers. Seeing Uncle Buck (1989) or Mary Poppins (1964) re-cut to look like horror movies = AMAZING! It makes us all tingly inside!

We have a very special trailer to show you today... It's a re-cut trailer of Spaceballs (1987), one of our favie sci-fi flicks of all time! Josh & Justin of ListCast put together this mcawesome trailer and now we would like to share it with all you Cin-Obs. Enjoy!

Check out Josh & Justin's podcast where you'll find episodes like 'Top 5 Man Crushes' and 'Top 5 Movies Everyone Hated But We Like'. These guys are our male equivalents. They are OBSESSED. Interesting fact: They're brothers - we're kindred spirits.